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Being able to provide great convenience, outstanding quality and friendly service to our customers is everything at Car Master Automotive.

We have evolved over many years through our exceptional services and above high quality workmanship, to provide you, our customers a service like no other, not only doing what is required by you for your vehical, but bu also offering advice and tips to all our customers, that will enable them to treat and drive there car better than ever.

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If you're looking for a reliable, high quality service, than where'er the place to provide exactly that. Known for our outstanding services and highly competitive prices, you can be confident that with Car Master Automotive, our team will most definifatly treat your car as if it was ours! Provdining for you more than what youve asked for!

We have all the equipment necessary to service all Makes of cars with the highest of skill and quality, from Holden to Audi to Mercedes and so on.

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