Available Services

We also provide the following services, and many more that are not mentioned. Please feel free to call in and ask us if there is a service needed that isn't mentioned on this site.

  • ECU Scanning
  • Automatic Transmission Work
  • Manual Transmission Work
  • Radiator Work
  • Auto-Electrical Repairs
  • Exhausts
  • Air Conditioning & Regas
  • Tune ups & Servicing
  • Brake Clutch & Suspension
  • New Tyres and Wheels
  • Computerize Balance & Allignment
  • Timing Belt & Chain
  • Car Inspection
  • Log Boog Service

Services Overview

We Provide The Highest Standards of Services...

With all of our employee's being highly qualified and well experienced, you'll be assured that your car is in great hands, being treated with great care!

Main Services

Be assured that with each service we provide, 110% will be put in towards achieving what is needed; with great quality, quick time, and outstanding workmanship, following the highest standards, taking no short cuts, treating your car as if it was ours.

  • Car Care Services
  • Brake Systems
  • Cool/Heat Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Suspension Systems
  • Fuel Systems